Kiln Kits for Small Shops

Could your small joinery or hobby shop use a lumber kiln? Let Timber-Pro Industries supply a small kiln kit that you can install in one day!

For over 45 years, Timber-Pro Industries has been helping “value-added” woodworking shops achieve their goals.

The “controlled” kiln drying process will remove the desired amount of moisture which occurs naturally in the living tree, so that your wood is easily worked into the natural beauty of your projects. The drying schedule necessary to season your wood depends on species and thickness. The schedule is set and controlled by you so that you can produce a quality product.

Timber-Pro Industries’ founder, Marv Funk, has extensive experience and knowledge in the forestry industry and knows what small shops need when it comes to kiln drying equipment. Putting it simply, if you are sawing lumber for profit, you need a kiln. A lumber drying kiln will also enable you to heat-treat your lumber that is required for export, make your joinery products cabinet shop-friendly and easier to work with, reduce weight and shipping costs.

Timber-Pro Industries’ 30 cubic meter capacity modular panel design kilns are easy to install and ready to dry your lumber in less than a week. They come complete with controller and kiln carts for loading and unloading, all will sit on your foundation of timbers or concrete.

For smaller shops, however, Timber-Pro Industries offers a smaller version with a capacity of 5 cubic meters for a cost of $18,000, which are better suited for drying smaller quantities. These are popular with schools, joinery shops, and hobbyists - and can be installed in only a day.

Timber-Pro also offers an automated stick placer that can be operated by the same person that operates the stacker making it possible for one person the sticker and stack 100 thousand board measure per shift.

Timber-Pro’s stacker and auto stick placer offers the quickest “pay back” of all of the equipment that we offer. We believe that this is the “biggest bang for your buck” and suggest that you add these items to your “value added” budget.

We also supply full-size kilns, which you can read more about. However, if you’re in the market for a lumber drying kiln kit for small shops, contact us today.

Another happy client about to become happier with greater profits!

Small Lumber Kiln Kit for smaller shops