Timber-Pro Industries Inc in Logan Lake, BC offers custom-built machinery as well as extensive consulting and design services in the lumber and value-added wood product industry. We will modify the mill equipment you have, or custom design and manufacture new equipment as per your specifications. Timber-Pro’s lumber carts are efficient and easy to maintain to ensure safe transfer of wood in and out of the kiln.

Handling the lumber from one phase of your operation to another requires a well-maintained kiln truck/lumber cart system, to avoid running a cart off the track. Such mishaps cause damage to the wood and halt your production. Kiln trucks designed by Timber-Pro are affordable, easy to transport, adjustable, flat and low in profile, easy to maintain including wheel and bearings, and available with various load supports and weight capacities.

These new kiln trucks are:

  • Inexpensive
  • Adjustable to any width of load
  • Run on a steel flat bar track fastened to timbers, concrete or asphalt
  • Flat bar track will not damage forklift tires
  • Uses standard size S4S 4 x 4 or Steel tube for axle
  • Low profile (5") allows more capacity in your small kiln
  • Can be used on planer or green chain as lumber carts
  • Trucks are light enough, at only 35 lbs each, to be manually transported
  • Available with vertical load supports for edgings, posts, rails or logs
  • Available in 2500 pound and 5000 pound capacity
  • Grease fitting and bearings in wheels
  • "Tees" also available for long units requiring intermediate support

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