• Available in modular-arm design with remote control spacing to accomodate any lumber length 
  • Available with integrated stick placer 
  • Adjustable for variable width loads 40” thru 60” & 3 ft thru 20 ft (longer at buyer’s option)
  • Can be installed at end of existing chain without stopping production or great expense - foot print 12 feet by lumber length
  • Present chain elevations need not be altered - Scissor hoist can be installed in a pit or incline belts added
  • Lateral or longitudinal discharge
  • Unit height to 60" (higher at buyers option)
  • Variable cycle speed to suit volume
  • Optional PLC controlled functions
  • Can be used for automated finger jointer outfeed
  • Stainless chain or Urethane belts available for damage & stain sensitive stock such as green cedar
  • Hydraulic / pneumatic or electric drives with variable speed controls
  • Supplied with 8000 pound scissor lift - Higher capacity available