Fabrication of a Complete Sticking and Stacking Line for Kiln Drying Lumber

December 14th 2018

Timber-Pro Industries Inc in Logan Lake, BC applies 45 years of experience in the lumber and remanufacturing industries to custom fabrication of equipment designed to increase efficiency and productivity of value-added wood operations. Timber-Pro is in the completion stage of fabricating a complete sticking and stacking line for a client in the Kootenay region of BC.

One Person Plus a Forklift to Operate Custom-made Lumber Stacker & Stick Placer

This system, which will be installed in November 2018, is designed to be operated by one person plus a forklift. Everything from infeeding the lumber to operating the custom-made lumber stacker and stick placer, as well as filling the kiln stick magazine will all be doable by one with this custom fabricated system. Once the system is fully operational, it is expected to be efficient enough to keep labour costs to less than $6 per thousand board feet of lumber, including forklift service! Timber-Pro will produce an educational video of this custom-designed system. Watch for it on this website in 2019!

Lumber kilns are widely used in drying lumber to optimal levels of moisture content for use in construction and building. The surrounding temperature and humidity are controlled in a kiln, and the lumber must be properly stacked with kiln sticks to allow for circulating air and heat to dry the wood evenly and efficiently. All of these variables are at the control of the operator with products designed and built by Timber-Pro, including the kiln itself. It is essential for the operator to have control over the drying process, and this begins with proper stacking and stick placing.

What Is Value-Added Wood?

Value-added wood products result from innovative ways of processing raw materials such as lumber or logs into finished products that are useful. It is a secondary sector of the economy to the primary commodities of lumber and plywood, and the value-added industry contributes to an environmentally sustainable forest economy here in BC and globally.

Many value-added businesses use specialty wood for joinery, cabinets, furniture, flooring, guitar making and other niche markets. Sometimes scrap wood from larger operations is desirable for value-added applications. Depending on the type of wood and intended use of the wood, a value-added operation will aim for different levels of moisture content in the end-use lumber. Combinations of kiln drying and air drying may be necessary, as kiln drying is tailored to the species and end use and is controlled by the kiln drying schedule. You could discover all the variables through trial and error, or you could seek the expertise of Timber-Pro!

If you would like to add to your knowledge and increase the efficiency of your value-added wood business, Marv Funk, owner and operator of Timber-Pro has the expertise and experience to help your company develop processes that will increase the productivity and manage your business systems more effectively. Mr. Funk's expertise in manufacturing, management, plant flow, machinery design, kiln drying and inventory control is extensive. Add to that plant management, machinery design, cost-benefit analysis, quality control, and marketing of value-added wood products, and you have a rare combination of front-line manufacturing skills with behind the scenes business leadership.