Timber-Pro Industries Meets Demand for Lumber Edger with Innovation!

February 12th 2019

Timber-Pro Industries Inc in Logan Lake, BC provides custom designed, affordable products as well as expert consulting and design services to value-added wood producers in British Columbia, Canada. Timber-Pro will work directly with you to custom design new machinery, or to modify your existing lumber machinery.

We at Timber-Pro received recent requests from small mill operators for a budget priced edger to deal with slabs and side lumber resulting from the regular production of timbers and dimension. In response to this demand, Timber-Pro designed and fabricated a prototype of a single saw edger that would deal with waste wood, and allow operators to get the full value from each log.

Timber-Pro is now offering a gas or electric powered single saw edger that will effectively redirect the wood that is currently being piled up in your yard as waste into a saleable product and, at the same time, enable you to virtually double your production without increasing your labour cost.

Some of the Features of our New Single Saw Edger:

• Will accept side lumber off the end or side of your mill.
• The operator can easily keep up with mill production and still sort the remaining lumber.
• The side lumber up to 4 inches thick is positioned by the operator for optimum recovery before the saw is sent through the cut (back-cut or climb-cut),manually or powered.
• The edging is directed to outfeed flow and the remaining piece is flipped by the operator and re-positioned to make the second cut up to 16 feet.
• The finished board and edgings are then directed to the appropriate lumber flow.
• Finished lumber flow is directed under the operator’s platform.
• Optional powered conveyers to redirect firewood to a cut-off saw.
• Optional powered waste conveyer to handle sawdust.
• The entire unit can be positioned over or adjacent to your existing outfeed lumber flow.

Our single saw edger offers an innovative and efficient solution to the problems of wasting valuable wood and using up your mill production time in dealing with edging. The edger is an affordable and portable addition to your wood milling operation.

Call us at Timber-Pro Industries with your specific requirements and a we will be happy to quote a price!